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COSAS is built on the fundamental of maximizing opportunities. We serve as mentors and organizers. We provide invaluable information at the right time and place. We create networking opportunities and help forge connections between junior and senior co-op students. We give students the chance to listen and share their experience with the co-op program, work terms and life after graduation. We challenge our team to be innovative and maximize the value of each and every opportunity organized by COSAS.

With the help of COSAS, you can expect to...

Develop corporate confidence

Immerse yourself with mentors

Learn the professional fundamentals

Our Co-op Portrait Project

Get inspired by others in your community

Utilize their experiences and advice to maximize your professional potential.

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Our Signature Events

  • Summer Beach Party

    The Summer Beach Party is our first event of the year! A social activity where the new COSAS team can introduce themselves to junior and senior Co-op students in the community. A beach party on a sunny Saturday, enjoy some food, games, and hang with your fellow Co-op students.

    Industry Night

    COSAS presents Industry Night! A night for Co-op students to explore the different opportunities in their options and hear from students who went through the same struggles and challenges. The night will be filled with speakers from all different options to share their best tips and tricks to accelerate your career using the Co-op program. Be ready to network and learn to help maximize your opportunities.

    Co-op Connect

    The Co-op Connect is the largest gathering of Commerce Co-op students in Western Canada. Previously known as KSU, this event has expanded to feature schools such as UBC, SFU, Kwantlen, Langara, and more. Come out and enjoy a night filled with FREE FOOD, semi-casual networking, and a deliciously slick keynote speaker – all while connecting with your peers in commerce.

Our Mentorship Program

Learn About Our Mentors.

Utilize their experiences and advice to maximize your professional potential.

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Our Team

  • Elaine Chang


    Elaine is a fourth year Co-op student specializing in Marketing and Human Resources. She currently works at IBM and has previously worked for Ledcor and Mindfield. Aside from work, Elaine is passionate about giving back to the community and enjoys maintaining her shoe collection. She loves being active outdoors, rain or shine! Elaine is excited to share her experiences and build meaningful connections at COSAS.

    Sara Da


    Sara is a fourth year Co-op student pursuing a double specialization in Finance and Accounting. She worked as an Equity Research Associate at Canalyst and is currently on her second work term at the venture capital firm Renewal Funds. Mentorship and personal development are her passions and she looks forward to making a positive difference in the Co-op community with COSAS. Outside of work, Sara enjoys exploring new food places in Vancouver and watching American TV shows.

    Vincent Wang

    VP Technology

    Vincent is a fourth year student pursuing a combined major in Business and Computer Science. His interests and passion lies in the area of business intelligence, project management and data analytics. He aims to use innovative technology to advance and improve businesses in the future. Outside of academics, he loves to travel the world and experience new things.

  • Tiffany Choi

    VP Events & Logistics

    Tiffany is entering her fifth year, pursuing a double option in accounting and marketing. She has a passion for charity work and strives to make an impact in the community. Tiffany adores travelling and exploring new places, which is why she has completed two different exchange terms in Hong Kong and Dublin. In her spare time, she also enjoys baking anything matcha flavoured, hiking and trying new restaurants.

    Kelly Yang

    VP Marketing

    Kelly is a fourth-year accounting student aspiring to pursue a CPA career in tax. She is passionate about sustainability, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. One of her life goals is to try out different (and random) sorts of things ranging from skydiving to growing her own veg at home, and travelling to as many places as she can. Outside of school/ work, she enjoys watching/ reading mystery, dancing hip-hop, and learning Japanese.

    Jason Wahono

    VP Finance

    Jason is a fourth-year student double optioning in Finance and Business Technology Management. He finds value in contributing towards the community, and has been continuously doing so in one form or another. Jason’s motto is to always step out of your comfort zone as he believes that it is the ideal place to grow and develop one’s potential even further. As an avid traveller, he has stepped foot to 16 different countries and will never stop exploring new places. Jason is excited to meet with fellow Co-op students and will do his best to maximize their opportunities!

  • Bert Li

    VP Strategic Initiatives

    Bert is a fourth year student double specializing in Finance and Business Technology Management. Although Bert spent most of his undergraduate lost and wandering aimlessly through potential career paths, he has recently found some direction with experiences through Co-op. He hopes to one day discover some form of true passion, and is eager to try everything until that day comes.

    James Sanjaya

    VP Strategic Initiatives

    James is a fourth-year BTM and Real estate student. He is passionate about leaving positive impacts on others by bridging the gap between business and technology. Currently working for the BC Tech Association as a Business Analyst, he wants to help make BC a top 10 Ecosystem in the world, one that competes againsts the Valley, New York, and LA. Outside of school/work, he wants to expand his knowledge by learning new coding languages and train in powerlifting to improve his fitness and hopefully be able to bench more.

    John Yoo

    VP Strategic Initiatives

    John is is a fourth year BUCS student who’s developed military software for General Dynamics in Ottawa. In January 2017 he will be working at SAP as an Agile Developer. Despite the specialized and technical nature of his experience, he’s a learner, and admittedly a dreamer. He believes that in such a complicated world full of uncertainties, learning is critical in reducing these uncertainties, ultimately leading to innovative solutions for global issues. He’s always out to try new things to increase the breadth of his knowledge and encourages students to do so.

  • Jason Choi

    VP Strategic Initiatives

    Jason Choi is a fourth-year Accounting student. He is currently working at FirstService Residential B.C. Ltd. in the Accounts Receivable department. He really values helping those in need and always looks for opportunities to mentor motivated and aspiring youth who want to make a difference in the community. Outside of studying and working, he enjoys exploring new foods around the city, trying out bubble tea throughout the lower mainland and playing video games. He is very excited to meet all the Co-op students to share our goals and experiences.

    Claire Song

    Third Year Representative

    Claire is a third year Finance student that is currently on exchange at Seoul National University in Korea. She enjoys meeting new people from different places and loves dance, music, cooking and eating. She is excited to start her Co-op journey and learn from other Co-op students! Previously at UBC, Claire was a Residence Advisor in Totem Park and was a Teaching Assistant for Comm 295. Her current goal is to land a summer work term (like most third year students!!) and wishes to learn more about different fields in Finance and real-estate.

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