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The Ombudsperson Initiative aims to provide Sauder Co-op students a safe, impartial, independent and confidential (or anonymous) channel to communicate any feedback or concerns to the Co-op office and understand how the feedback is being addressed. This initiative is designed for those students who are not comfortable to address their issues directly with the Co-op staff. 

When should you contact us? 

  • If you feel any rule, policy or process regarding the administration of the Co-op program is unfair or shows a lack of transparency 
    • Ex. recruiting, advising, coordinating Co-op interviews, protecting privacy, etc. 
  • If you feel intimidated, offended or unfairly treated by Co-op staff 
  • If you encountered a problem during your Co-op placement, but feel uncomfortable discussing it with the Co-op office directly 
  • If after addressing your work-term-related concerns with the Co-op office, you feel: 
    • The Co-op staff handled the problem in an unprofessional way 
    • You are being labeled in a negative manner (ie. a trouble-maker, high maintenance, underperformer, etc.) 
  • If any Co-op staff pressures you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable 
  • If you prefer COSAS to help facilitate communication between you and the Co-op office 

  • How do you contact us? 

  • You can send us (or any of us) an email – if you wish to contact us anonymously, our site allows you to send anonymous emails and protect your receiving email address 

  • General

    What will COSAS do?

    1. Information Gathering

    a) We will contact you to better understand the issue in a manner most convenient to you, whether it be email, skype, or in person.

    b) If confidentiality is requested, we will protect it. This means we will NEVER give your name or any identifiable information to the Co-op staff or any other individual during or after our COSAS term.

    c) If you choose to contact us anonymously, then we will uphold your confidentiality and we will not try to find your identity.

    2. Confirmation 

    a) Before discussing your concerns with the Co-op office, we will ensure you agree with everything we are going to disclose to them as well. We guarantee 100% transparency through the process. 

    3. Mediation 

    a) With your permission, we will meet with the co-op office in order to address your concerns and follow up with you after the meeting. 

    4. Settlement 

    a) Depending on the nature of your concern, we will let you know how the Co-op office plan to address the issue as well as their side of the story.

    b) If it is an urgent matter, we will work with you in order to find another professional outside the Co-op office to address your concerns (Director of Undergraduate Careers, UBC Career staff, etc.). 

    It is our job to represent and support your interests to the Co-op office if you feel uncomfortable doing so yourself. We encourage you to utilize this program at your discretion.